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If you want to support impeachment efforts and demand the impeachment of President Trump, join an impeachment rally near you newmags. On October 3, the coalition for impeachment and removal of the president will hold a rally near Times Square in New York City. The event will feature speakers from national organizations as well as local groups. Participants are encouraged to bring signs and appropriate clothing for the weather.

The rally was held ahead of the historic vote to impeach the president. The crowd at the New York rally numbered in the thousands f95zoneusa. Some protesters carried a banner with an impeachment clause. Other demonstrations were smaller, with dozens or hundreds of participants. The small turnout was reflective of the difficulty in mobilizing a large crowd to support impeachment.

Rally speakers included actresses Alyssa Milano and Rob Reiner. The rally also featured a speech by recently-resigned Rep Katie Hill. The rally took place outside the offices of Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker  f95zone. There were also signs posted outside the district office of Sen. Ron Johnson.

There were also counter-protests reported in the area. Though the number of participants at the event is unknown, weather forecasts say the temperature will be dry and in the low to mid-50s f95forum. The rally’s purpose is to protest Trump and demand his impeachment.


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