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Shikimori Voice Actor

Saori nishi is a Japanese voice actor who is affiliated with the production company I’m Enterprise. She has voiced the role of La Folia Rihavein in the magnewsworld anime series Strike the Blood. She also has appeared in a variety of other anime series, including the Japanese shojo manga series Kyoukai.

Shikimori is a cute numega character who is athletic and confident, but has a cool side as well. He is very protective of his boyfriend Izumi, and would do anything for her. He is a strong and capable hero who can save Izumi in any situation. She turns 42 on April 21.

Shikimori is a confident, kind and athletic person, but he hates losing. He also has a cool side, and is a good protector. He keeps Izumi safe from bad luck, craftymagazines and has a cool personality. Those traits make him such an excellent character.

Shikimori has been a huge hit in spring 2022’s anime season. It is based on an ongoing manga series by Keigo vitlink Maki, and features strong characters with supportive friends. The anime series also features some very talented voice actors. Hinata, who voices Yuu Izumi, is also a major voice actor. Macy Anne Johnson is the voice of the titular heartthrob, Shikimori.

The anime series is known for its comedy. Shikimori’s justspine characters are usually very cute, and the voices are very realistic.


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