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Influencer Marketing Factory Review

The Influencer Marketing Factory was founded by Italian immigrants in Miami in 2018. The founder, Alessandro Bogliari, has a wealth of experience in balancing work and personal life. By hiring people from diverse backgrounds, he can offer clients a global perspective on their campaigns. He also avoids the stresses and pressures of the typical agency or office environment.

The Influencer Marketing Factory offers a range of services and expert expertise for implementing influencer campaigns across all channels. It is highly customizable and manages the entire process end-to-end, making it the perfect choice for larger brands. Though it has consistently received good reviews, it does not rate as highly as Viral Nation. Another drawback to the service is that it doesn’t provide reports and data.

The Influencer Marketing Factory works with brands to find the most relevant influencers for their campaigns. It evaluates the influencer’s niche and following, as well as engagement and reach on various social media platforms. The Influencer Marketing Factory also helps their clients with the content creation process. Their expert team knows how to create different content for different platforms and create campaigns that create interaction between influencers and their followers. Their data and insights help clients maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

While Viral Nation can help brands manage their campaigns across most social media channels, the Influencer Marketing Factory takes a more individualized approach to marketing with influencers. The company sources talent based on the brand’s needs and curates the right kind of influencers on demand.


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