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Influencer Management Agencies

Influencer marketing agencies have been growing and evolving for years. They have helped numerous brands achieve success with their influencer marketing campaigns. Some of their clients include Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, and Kimberly Clark. They use the influencer network to create authentic branded content and syndicate it to their audiences.

As one of the leading influencer management agencies in the U.S., Sun and Sky Entertainment has worked with a range of influencers and entertainers over the last 15 years. With offices in New Orleans, New York, and London, this company works with influencers and brands in a variety of categories. They leverage the power of influencers to gain the hearts of their audiences.

The agency is an expert in influencer marketing and works with more than 26,000 influencers across the web. They use their proprietary influencer discovery software, Plugr, to identify the best influencers for their clients. The agency also performs competitive research and provides a comprehensive analysis of their target audience. Their team also handles the implementation of influencer marketing campaigns and all of the content produced by the influencers.

SugarFree specializes in digital and influencer marketing and has worked with many of the biggest brands in the world. They work with fully vetted bloggers and influencers. In addition to managing the content distribution, SugarFree also manages all the behind-the-scenes tasks, including legal contracts, payment, and compliance. They track their influencers in real time and analyze ROI.


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