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Chelsea is actively renewing

Chelsea have been in serious trouble lately. The top FC shows very low results, currently occupies the 8th place in the English Premier League. Even a desperate move to poach Graham Potter at the height of the season from Brighton, who are now in 7th place, has not yet yielded results. Rather, he even worsened the situation, and for both teams.

Therefore, I had to follow the standard path – to buy the best players from those who could. Now bookmakers, including https://uz-bet.club/parimatch, accept bets on how Chelsea will play after that .

“With the world in a thread”

Several clubs have suffered the most from transfer maneuvers:

  • Napoli have lost a great central defender, Kalidou Koulibaly. His only negative is his age of 31 years. But this is not yet a verdict, so the deal is considered successful. Napoli earned 38 million, and the Senegalese received a contract for 18 million annual salary;
  • Midfielder Denis Zakaria was loaned from Juventus;
  • Aubameyang came from Barcelona, ​​in dire need of money;
  • Fofan was taken from Leicester for 82.5 million taraftarium24;
  • Raheem Sterling was lured away from Manchester City with a high salary (20 million).

Most likely out of principle, Potter overpaid but took Marc Cucurella away from his former Brighton FC. The football player himself was offered a very decent income – about 11 million / year.

Despite such a large number of purchases, the quotes of the team at bookmakers have not changed.

From unconfirmed facts: Ronaldo and Potter’s conspiracy is whispered

A recent provocative interview with Cristiano Ronaldo surprised many. Too obviously he “burned his bridges” to Manchester United. The usually pragmatic Portuguese was more cautious. But much has been clarified by rumors about tv bucetas agreements with Graham and Chelsea management.

On closer examination, the tandem of the coach and the star has every chance of success. If Potter will show “due respect” to Cristiano, then he can play “with a twinkle” and lead the team. This will be a successful penalty against ten Hag. Graham will take advantage of the authority of the Portuguese star and get the necessary time to create a “dream team”. Plus, they will jointly put the bandwagon to a competitor in the Premier League. That is, all bets made will play and everyone will win.

Given that United would have asked for a huge amount of money for Ronaldo, creating a situation where he himself would be happy to get rid of a player before the winter transfer is just a great move.


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